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Am I writing this time travel poem on the future? Time travel poem motivates for the persons who enthusiastic about the mystery of the universe. The universe is expanding. However, the illusion part remains uncertain. Is time travel possible? NASA’s Studies and researches reveal that time travel is feasible if one travels at a higher speed related to the object. Space can be bent in multi-dimensional views. Time travel poem also illustrates a condition for time travel and narrators can experience a parallel universe view while reading. Scientists such as Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein researched about, time, space, black holes, wormholes, and many more spatial objects and discovered the time travel possibilities. The grandfather paradox is a time travel paradox that shows the time traveller’s quiddity. Future and past are connected with the present situation. Thus, Mind twisting and past can be changed if time travel is possible. So everyone can enjoy the joy and enthusiasm about time travel poems.

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Traveling at the speed of light

Through the mystic dark room

Silent desolate tunnel journey

The little boy feeding the sheep

The boy’s girlfriend is having fun with him

The girl is ashamed as if she had something

When the boy saw me

Let go of the sheep

Threw stones at me

Trying to attack me

I took the gun and fired

The boy who shot in the right leg screamed

Ran away into grassland

The torrent is breaking

War-ready situation

Corpses among atomic bombs

The sound of gunfire amidst big dreams

Bloodstains on the girl’s hands

Relationships that are worthless continue

Burning in the brain spreads to the nerves

The visions remain endless

A spotted deer gives birth to a lamb near the stream

Stabbed with a knife from behind the deer

The entire bodyweight of the needle is on point

On the other side of the horizon

See the image and the time

The cry of death in fear of gravity

The base of the dark sphere stands out

Atomic bombs are defused in a landslide

Grandfather’s Picture hanging on the wall

Bullet marks on Grandpa’s right leg

The urge to stone me again on the face

Fictional thought provides boosts for imaginative and creative brains. This time travel poem flashed in my mind after my studies and research about space and time concepts. My curiosity about spatial objects and their movement is always surprised me during my childhood itself. The force that binds the universe together is amazing. Theories state the origin of the universe however nobody has a clear idea about the end of the universe. If we think about time as a dimension, then we have to find the answer for time-bending. I firmly believe that time is one of the most mysterious classes in physics. By observing and analysing the scientist’s studies and the theories I was fond of writing time travel poem. Are aliens do time travel? Time travel poem are not only for the people who love fiction or physics but also for the people who are interested in searches the mysteries in the universe.



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