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The fisherman poem illustrates the daily life involvement of a fisherman who wrestles to balance his life. On the seaside, life is a little difficult due to the tidal force warning in the living areas. Due to the global climate changes firstly it affects the ocean structure and life. Nobody can’t predict what will happen in the future times due to the ocean or sea effect. As we are all aware of the effect of Tsunami waves in the early 21st century. Many of the lives were lost and the entire world was shed tears. The fisherman poem keeps in mind all the tragedies associated with ocean lives. The world does not want any hurt due to the ocean pandemic. Love nature and keep the ocean shore and environment polished and unvarying so that the succeeding can be serene for many viabilities.

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Rowing on a sinking boat

The net spreads across the sea

The wind is blowing and blowing all around

The halo of lightning is above the head

When the net is blown something blocking the net

The story of the fisherman who got the treasure comes to mind

In the distance, you can see the land of hope

Pulled the net and put it into the boat

Like a gold plate in a trough

I fly in the gusting wind

The desire to infiltrate the gold rush

The desire to get closer to the shore

Seeing the illusory sights

Rowed the boat with all might

The land in the distance sprouts hope again

The daughter lying in the hut needs golden earrings

Nailed to the leaking roof

The pawnbroker’s debt must be paid

Daughter was shaking on the roof when saw me coming

The sea goddess or the nature made my future colorful

The veil of time has changed and disappeared

The hardness of the old gold throws

Gold plate led me to lead a better life

Miracles are performed by someone who has no one

Gold plate glistening in front of curved in misery

The fisherman poem manifests a way of life of a fisherman who does not have any greedy ambitions or dreams, all he wants is a serene life and the wealth for sustaining his family. I hear about a fisherman who got treasure while he went fishing. Am not sure about the fact and reality of what I heard. Nevertheless, I decided to write a poem about fishermen in which the illusion part and reality part of what I heard can be mixed. The fisherman poem not only tells the life of a fisherman but also the ambitions and dream of a common man who struggle to straighten the curves in his life. We all are the fisherman in the sinking.  The fisherman poem also shows a father’s benevolent love for his daughter. A father is a person who controls his emotion and does not show his care or tenderness to anyone. He always tries to stay brawny in his entire life. The fisherman poem is worthful to them who is a font of fishery and ocean air and who care about poverty.

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