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Small poem on friendship portraits the intensity and relational bond between friends. True friends are always helpful for the support and they stand during our downtime. Who is your best friend? Everyone has a face that splashes in their mind. I believe that friendship helps for a person’s character development. A friend can influence you in different ways. A small poem on friendship shows the behavior of friends that change from time to time. Everybody has their priorities in their life. Some friends always use others for accomplishing their needs. This small poem on friendship reveals how a friend can influence our life. Choosing a good friend is always difficult. We met with new people at each stage and created new friendship circles. Some people are always fond of making new friends every time. Just forget the numbers, which are only useful for calculations, the quality of friendship matters. The friends who will be with you in the difficult times are the real friends. This small poem on friendship explains the gloomy face of friendship.


Forever on my journey

He was my friend

If he cries

I will wipe away the tears

If he laughs

My life expectancy will increase

If I drown in sadness

He becomes a wind.

Wipes away my tears

Forever on my journey

He was my friend

Yesterday’s my friend died

Today his burning ash in the pile

My faith in him waned

He cheated on me just for the sake of greed

What did I do wrong to you?

Why should I live to be crucified?

Why should I live to be crucified?

I wrote this small poem on friendship after observing the changes of my best friend.  We both together had a lot of fun and we enjoyed each and every moment of our life we cherished. I thought we will be a friend forever in my life. After a short span, I observed the change in his attitude and he was avoiding me during my difficult times. He cheated on me who was beyond my expectations and I started away from him. This friendship forced me to write a small poem on friendship. This small poem on friendship not only tells the bad experience of friendship but also explains the depth of understanding of friendship.

Forever friends are rare and they are very precious. Later in my journey of mind, I was eagerly waiting for a real friend. Then I got a friend with the same wavelength. We were not in regular touch However once we meet or talk we cannot stop talking and we both know that during any difficult times in our lives we both will support each other. This small poem on friendship shows the hope and trust for a real friendship. Few friends hide their secrets. Do not expect anything other than reality during friendship. Try to make the friends not for the need but for the sake of humanity. Friendship memories are most important which expels life in more enjoyable and successful ways.

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