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The poem on farmer portraits the struggle and the pain a framer has to go through in his entire life. We all know that now we are living in an industrialization era where modern pieces of machinery and equipment have the power to control the globe. Modernization causes a plethora of changes in the entire community. However, for our daily basis needs and demands, we depend on farmers. Is farmers are getting the respect that they deserve?  In my opinion, farmers are struggling for their life for the past few decades. They are not paid well and society treats them as lower-class citizens in some countries. From the ancient era, farmers’ revolutions are a part of history and modern farmers’ revolutions are the bottleneck for riots. . The poem on farmer motivates their revolution and inspires them to fight for their fundamental rights. People can eat healthy food only when the farmers work hard. This poem on farmer is a flashlight for respecting farmers and valuing them properly.

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The species that knows the red of the soil

The race that feeds the world

A class that questions freedom of expression

A snake carving in a milking hand

Feeding hands are dry

Smoke from the stove does not rise in the kitchen today

Crack in the hands of an old farmer

The humanity of the trembling man

Group not getting the reward they deserve

Take to the streets to ward off the cries of hunger

Street riot peasant migration

Screaming and crying on the street

Tears welled up in the eyes

Smoky rage unquenchable ash

Blood pouring down the bottom of the stick

The humans are lying by the roadside

Tractor tire marks on the ground

Plowing over barricades

Stomach cramps are evident

Fear makes the eyes red

Responsive community

Revenge pays off

The captain sitting on the stern

There is no fear in the depths of the sea

Rights are suppressed

The ruling classes are occupying

Agrarian revolution is the lifeblood of the earth

Stay tuned farmers for a better tomorrow

Do not crush the angels on the plowed earth

Blossom spring the farmer’s hands

I wrote the poem on farmer because of seeing the uncertain life of many farmers in village areas. Farmers are cultivating in their fields. However, they are not getting the profit as per their production. It causes disputes and conflicts between farmers and the higher authorities. Farmers are the backbone of a countries economy. If a nation does not respect farming and the farmer’s morality then a nation’s equilibrium may be disturbed. Natural threats and disasters are always nightmares for farmers because their hope for tomorrow is dying in an instant. The poem on farmer reveals the hope and a struggle a farmer has to face during his life. Be respect farmers and their job profiles so that the scarcity of foods can be reduced in the world.

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