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Poem on artificial intelligence is not generated by any AI tool. Nowadays people are exploring the field of artificial intelligence and everywhere humans are depending on artificial intelligence in their daily life activities. I was born in an era where the transition from human work to machine technology was, and I was wondering about the development of technology. World is running at the fastest speed and the people who start walking may reject by the competition. The poem on artificial intelligence shows the moral differences between humans and AI. The emotion of a human is unhiding in the poem on artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is used all over the field such as business, software, healthcare, finance, and many more. Still, people are wondering how artificial intelligence is able to compose music and poem on artificial intelligence, edit videos, and create original works of art. A poem on artificial intelligence visualizes the effect of AI in the universe.

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Darkness all around

Light when eyes open

Eyelids twitch

Slight heaviness within the head

I’m the only one looking for shortcuts

More time to complete a task

Lazy me always looking for shortcuts

People run behind artificial intelligence

The world runs behind the ambitions

Rise of Al fall of human

The human mind turns into a machine mind

Human Failure into data success

My spirit wandering for AI lust

Lazy me now looking for AI

The dream future inside my palm

My wife is lazy in the kitchen

AI captured the kitchen heaven

The time is not far

Human AI breeds rule the planet

Wheels of the globe are damaging

Fixing the wheel needs AI support

AI is a new frontline soldier

AI is a new tool for Horizon shoulder

AI has written mankind closer

Spring leaves fading as physical works

Snow gradually falls as machine learning

Natural innovation becomes an expert system

Emotional intelligence becomes a neutral system

AI power is the strength of my future

Future power transfer

 humankind to an artificial kind

I am from an aviation background and I am an aeronautical engineering graduate, while I was working as an analyst in an aircraft engine maintenance and manufacturing company, I was in a project in which I was dealing with making codes. I am a big zero in coding. I thought I won’t be a fit for this position. However, one of my friends introduce an AI tool such as chatGPT which reduced all my tension. This situation motivates me to write a poem on artificial intelligence.  The poem on artificial intelligence not only shows my thought about the innovation of artificial intelligence and also shows my worries about the rise of AI. The automotive function of AI may replace the human workforce thus the people who are not skilled and depend upon more manual work may become last-bench participants in this competitive era. Moreover, I am worried about the privacy of people. Fake humanity confuses mankind. Almost all the voice-capturing AI features are recording every moment of a person’s life, this has both merits and demerits. In my opinion, business people always try to generate profit that time they do not think about the feelings of a person or their emotions. Let this poem on artificial intelligence may the thinking point where the ethics and AI brain should work together.

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