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Poem about sports motivates and inspires many athletics and sportsman’s. Sports have a special space in our community. There are a plethora of indoor and outdoor games, which reduces human mental stress. Moreover, sports unite the states and countries. Olympics is an event where athletes and sportsmen from all over the world compete for the medals. Hard work and continuous dedication are required for achieving success and success do not have any shortcuts. In between the tug of war among gamers, everyone forgets the importance of the stadium where all the games or matches happens. All the stadiums have to share numerous stories about success and failure, forgiveness and revenge, laughing and crying. In the Olympics or any major tournaments audience sing the poem about sports to cheer or celebrate the victory of their favorite players or favorite teams.

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I was in a deep sleep

More than a decade

A few days ago on my face

Society poured the water

I do not know what’s peace

I do not know what’s hope

My body was plowed with debris

Many types of tools are rising

I can hear all kinds of disturbing noises

I saw for the first time indigenous and western leaders

Those who have trampled on my feet saw the world

As I closed my eyes and began to fall asleep again

I heard the pleasing  joy of the people

Everyone shares their extreme  happiness

A fierce war going on between the indigenous and westerners

Who has ruled us more than decades

The sweeper whispers in the ear of a co-worker

He is the greatest of his kind in the world

I awake from my deep sleep

The audience clapped the bats

The pain of looser and the laugh of the winner

Still fighting on my heart

Indigenous and westerns competing for the medal

The medal, which shows the pride of a nation

The medal, which binds the citizen of a nation

Olympics games at Tokyo inspire numerous youth amid COVID spread and threat. Many athletics and playas not only won the medals but also won humanity. The high jumpers, Mutaz essa barshim (Qatar) and Gianmarco Tamberi (Italy) shared the gold medals in the high jump. The injured high jumper got support from the opponent, which was an ecstatic moment on the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. This incident inspires me to write a poem about sports in the eye of a stadium.

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