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Poem about slaves reveals the realistic behavior of humans to suppress others. From ancient to medieval history there was an era in which emperors and rulers want to their power and to show up their needs few humans become slaves to them. I still wonder what the criteria to select as a slave are. Actually, this is not a selection of a repression stage in history. Nowadays we have enough systems to identify and take action against human violations. However, in a monopoly system, as used earlier, the king or empower has the power to change the right things to wrong and become a monarchy. I believe that this is totally unethical when we think about humanity. Slavery is a fundamental issue because when a person becomes a slave not only physical stage as well mentally slave dead. Slavery, Child labor, and forced marriage existed in all civilizations. Thus the overall society’s peace remains disturbed. Racism caused few people to push slaves and slaves were sold for several reasons such as personal usage, work, and sex. There was a slave market in ancient Rome. A poem about slaves represents the overall picture of a slave’s mind. 


Emotions that ruin the world

The roaring sound of a lion

Scares the little ants in the cave

Worried about tomorrow’s future

Sarcastic pain in the brain

Head is blowing eyes are roaming

Little princess playing on the mud

Rulers ruling the empire

Slaves are hungry and paining

Struggle for existence still exists

Darwinism is visible in rulers’ eyes

Follows the Greek mythology

Days are becoming dark

Life is for listening orders

When memory becomes stable

My mind becomes unstable

Wounded scares on the left leg

Knives blood shower on the right leg

Born to win the world

Live to struggle the life

People are crazy

World has an enigma to suppress others

My animal brain keeps excited

I eagerly cursing to control others

Magnetic ideas boost unreal world

History repeats again

End is the beginning to animal’s dark

Bowl is rolling randomly

Slaves like me raising the voice

Against the system and rulers

Hippocratic world needs to be ended

The era of hope rays are flashing

History remains history

I can see the multiverse without pain

Shining stars raising in the horizon 

I wrote this poem about slaves when I observed that every creature has an intention to suppress others forcefully. Then I thought about the life of slaves and begin the poem about slaves. A poem about slaves is not an illusion it’s the soar and pain of a past generation. Just imagine how a person can slave for their entire life. At this time our generation did not know the pain of slavery they know through only the movies our books that these kinds of systems exist. As illusionists, we aim to wipe all the bad system behavior systems and let this poem about slaves be an eye opener for the same. I suggest that do not try to become a slave or do not make any person a slave in your life.

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