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Are you wandering for a poem about secrets? Everyone has their own secrets. Why do humans keep secrets? From the ancient era, kings and emperors have their own ruling untold. When someone hides anything, there may be a plethora of facts ad intentions. Technology is far ahead, however, we do not know about the mystery about our beginning and end. If you are thinking you do not have any secrets, then you are a liar. In a country’s confidential information leakage leads to conflict and dispute among the leader as a result we may face another world war. Spies spread top secrets among bureaucrats. Secret poems and stories are still a mystery in this world. An undisclosed relationship breaks the family bond and a successful entrepreneur, a businessman, a leader keeps track of his trading unpublished strategy. Politicians, religious leaders continuously boost up their morality and believe in holistic empowerment. Is this skeleton in the cupboard?


The rest of the bone fragment in the inconsistency

The stench of the corpse swells in the cemetery

The dust of the ashes flies in the air

The crows perched on the tree

The fire in the furnace wants to evaporate

The scars on the nails are soiled

A secret that only I know

A secret is known only to my odor

A secret is known to the dust of ashes

A secret that girls know

A secret that experienced the fire in the furnace

A secret that nails stick to the skin

Today my soul does not remember that secret

Who kept that secret for the rest of my life

Who tried to betray the country

Who murdered in religious madness

Today my soul does not remember that secret

One of my cousins carried an unpublished top-secret which is a violation of humanity and rules and that secret has a criminal background. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, he was unable to tell the same to anyone. At last, he revealed that secret to me by thinking that I will not share this with anyone. As a self-esteem person, I did not reveal this to anyone. After two months, cops catch him. My cousin told the court that I know about that crime he was involved in. However, my friends and relatives blamed me why am not revealed this to anyone? This incident touches me to write a poem about secrets. Now, am in a dilemma that whether I did right or wrong?

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