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Poem about revenge show the ultimate anger and frustrations when someone hates others’ activity or actions. In ancient times, people killed others due to revenge. Some revenge is still carried out by the generations. What are the fundamental reasons for revenge? I think when someone attacks or does some bad activity to a person who affects their personal life, then that person may start for revenge. Some people still carry out childhood revenge. Everyone has their own life priorities and nobody wants to disturb by others. The poem about revenge shows the frustrated mind thinking of a person when that person wants revenge on others. This poem about revenge not only shows the negative side of revenge but also highlights the effect of revenge on our planet. Being an illusionist, revenge pushes me to explore the poem about revenge. However, I personally wish beyond personal revenge to focus on a peaceful mind which is necessary for a stable life. 


Victim of cruel entertainment by the people

Wounded on the unselfish heart

In the pain of strangers, they feel happy

Hide their mistakes all the time

Poisonous word spread in the group

They drowning on the ground and on the ropes

Due to the sculpture’s damage by itself

They blame it on its sculptor

If the mother falls exhausted on the way

They ask whether she is a beggar in the street

Because there is no cure for baldness

The reason for the baldness is their sister’s hair

If today’s their name is the gangster

Tomorrow they will be called the murderer

Till did so many evil deeds

Still, they think more evil deeds are yet to come

Do I give the key to the heart to them?

The flow of ashes is much better

A broken hearts have none of this

Despite the collapse of building in earth quick

Still, the world did not shake continuously

Tears in another’s eye

Fulfill their perennial thirst

Can they heal a wounded life?

Can they light extinguished flames?

Flying leaves wandering in the forest

Can the wind return the leaf to the tree?

To burn the ashes of melting lava

Is it possible for a small drop of water?

Vishu tree dream for exploration by people

Kill its childhood when faded

A phoenix bird that born on fire

A small bow is enough to bring to the ground

When darks, the one who sleeps is left

Only darkness gathered to sleep together

Drum who born to beaten by others

May beat the master when time up

Pawns are dancing in alcohol mania

Why should they watch starving streets?

To rotate the rotating earth back

It’s possible with a gentle touch

If the wounded snake retaliates

Now no snakes on earth to inflict revenge

I hear the sound of thunder far way

Flashing lightning against my chest

Let the rain fall on my corpse

Let extinguish ashes on my Skelton

Let extinguish ashes on my Skelton

I wrote this poem about revenge during my college days. Those days were beautiful. However, two of my classmates were so irritating and they spread a lot of gossip about me in the hostel and college. I was angry but they were the gang leaders and I cannot beat them physically as well. To express my annoyance I wrote this poem about revenge and I was waiting for an opportunity for them. This poem about revenge shows my madness and anger. However, now I am realizing that revenge is not a solution to any problem, mutual understanding strengthens the friendship, although always respecting others’ feelings and letting this poem about revenge be an initiation for the action. 

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