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The poem about poverty and hunger shows the pathetic situation of an ordinary people’s life. A person lives with so many expectations. However, due to circumstances, few people become robbers. Some persons loot due they need a luxury life by taking wealth and assets from others. While other categories are those who steal due they cannot fulfill their basic needs such as food, water, and shelter. I am talking about the second category. Are they real robbers or gangsters? in this contemporary era, preservation of humanity and fundamental rights must strictly be followed and the poem about poverty must act as an open eye for the society. Changes need in our community so that people cannot suffer due they do not have the money to fulfill their basic needs.

poem, poverty, hunger,robber

Standing greedily with eyes partially opened

I see bread on the supermarket shelf

The cry of hunger is making noise in the stomach

When the storekeeper went to the kitchen

I understand this is the best time

I stole the bread rapidly and ran

The storekeeper runs after me

The kids throwing stones at me

People are screaming for me

The cop’s car is speeding

My nerves get tired

My legs are shaking

While taking a deep breath

A blow to the head from behind

The stare of people when I come to consciousness

The seal of the thief was stamped in my head

I am lying paralyzed in the street

People have turned me into a joker

Even when the bones are breaks

Even when I am bleeding

The piece of bread is safe in my hand

There was an incident in which people killed a poor tribal man because he has stolen a few groceries from a shop. This was the ultimate blame for society. Protestors and human rights activists are continuously raising their voices. Although, we need to re-think that whether we are conserving fundamental duties or not. The soul of the man who died may still starving due to the brutality. Instead of killing a hungry man, we must help them for a good quality of life. Thus this poem about poverty and hunger is a hopeful ray for poor people who cannot fulfill their basic needs.

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