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Poem about planet fictionally shows the emotions of a planet and the various stages of feelings that go on. As of now, humans are wondering about the planets and stars. The big illusion begins after the big bang theory. The things we know about the multiverse are little as the things we do not know. How does the universe or in my words multiverse function? Is the law of attraction depends on all celestial bodies. The scientists and researchers studied our galaxy and concluded that 9 planets are there in our solar system. Surprisingly one day they declared that Pluto is not a planet due to several reasons. The poem about planet is all about this incident that happened with Pluto. The classification of planet Pluto was downgraded as a dwarf planet by the international astronomical unit (IAU). James Webb space telescope observes and catches the images of various objects outside the galaxies and scientists keep researching the same. Poem about planet orbiting Pluto around the sun and trying to poke Pluto from a dwarf planet to an unknown planet.

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Ninth of the new age
For the sake of the baby

I flew like a bird
Shining father
Shivering with extreme cold
Rings around the brother

Lightening the other side of my face
Respect for me in my family
The darkness beyond the light years
Even today my birth is a nightmare
Fireballs that fly around from time to time
Only we will be with ourselves
I felt like a border guard
Often reluctant to go to the feast called
Feels happy when I see my relatives
Agape bounds the relation together
I felt proud of myself
Being dependent on others is a curse
Being independent strengthen me

Saturn’s and Jupiter’s faces changing
Father looks at me with disdain
Celestial fireballs are laughing away
Those who were caring till yesterday

Become those punishing me today
I finally understood the truth
I am no longer a relative of solar family
Multiverse questions my self-sufficiency
I am an orphan who lost my family

I am an orphan thrown away to the streets
I don’t know which family

Which caste do I belong to
The pain of loneliness hearts

Heart-wrenching beats drums on ears
A question to my helpless father
Am I the fake offspring in this galaxy?
Hurts when the loved one hates
Multi-university rule repeats itself
The rule as the wormholes in the parallel world

The rule is as the black holes disappear light
Only we will be with ourselves

Only we will be with ourselves

Poem about planet flashed into my mind when I was traveling with one of my friends to work. Usually, I was sleeping on the sky train while traveling, when I opened my eyes I found that my friend was reading something about space and planets. And he told me that he feels sad about Pluto because Pluto is not a planet. I had the same feeling for Pluto which resulted in a poem about the planet. As a space kid wonders about planetary motions, space-time relation, and all. Most surprisingly our existence also questions when we deeply jump into space science. This poem about planet is dedicated to Pluto who lost his power and family. 

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