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Poem about pain is the feeling of the inner mind when a person is disturbed. Everyone goes through ups and downs in their life. In all aspects, everything that we did not always give a fruitful result. So when we are not achieving what we dreamed of, pain and suffering are lightning around us. During a pain period even though our shadow does not stand with us. Thus, we need to have the utmost confidence during our struggling period. A poem about pain shows the mind-twisting actions and their result. A poem about pain not only shows the sad face but also enlightens the hope for the dark future. There may be numerous occasions in life where people are struggling to find their way, at last, they fall into a deep depression stage. Nowadays, in modern technology use, people are connected to everyone around the world. However, the ultimate reality is when we are in a stage of loss no one will be with us until the one who cares for us and needs us. So always try to make friends and relatives who will support you in a painful situation or when you are falling. Let this poem about pain blow the air into your soul which can thrust you to fly into the stratosphere.

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Way to the misleading world

Addicted to the illusion world

Running for something unreal

Stolen the sword of peace

Striking the coin without power

Crying in the raining

Tears may not be identified

Legs are paining

Backbone shivering

Smoke from the kitchen

Cleans the dirty sink

Works on the graveyard shift

Seen a ghost on the midway

Talking to himself about death

The pain of sacrifice illuminating

The hope of mirage disappearing

Wheels of life broken

Seen a good dream

Crying when waking up

Hearing the sound of scolding

Heartbroken feelings midway

Color of the black hole changing

The strain of eyes spreading

The secret of pain is not hidden in the brain

Originates from the mind

Spreads all over the body

Handicapped walks without a stick

Broken stick pain penetrating

I wrote this poem about pain when I was in the initial stage of depression. The fun fact is I still am not clear about the reason for my depression. When I feel pain not physically because I know physical body pain can heal with some massage, therapy, medicines, or consulting with a doctor. However, mental pain is always hunting me when I am alone. I have drastic feelings which I cannot explain through the word of magic. Poem about pain allow me to rethink the solutions and find a path to overcome my depression. Whatever I am seeing always irritates me and the noise that I hear always disturbs me even though those songs were my favorite in the past. Thus I decided to write a poem about pain which shows my mind-twisting feelings and overall the message of this poem about pain is to live a happy life without considering the drastic pains in your life. Depressed existence is a branch of painful feelings. I know it is quite difficult to forget the past pain, however, always dream for a better future without any pain in your life. And always remember, we have only one life to live, we do not know what was before our birth and what may happen after our death, thus enjoy the tiny good feeling and live the life always happily.

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