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Is poem about online scam relevant in this contemporary era ? Technology is fast and furious. In this modern era, from the birth of a child in the hospital to the cremation of an old person are dependent on technology. Few people have still been trapped on online scams instead of their technical knowledge. When we cannot identify fraud messages or communications sometimes? Online scammers manipulate our needs and we are in an illusion that our needs or dream may come true. This poem about online scam reveals what’s happening to the world when humans are so busy in online. Always think twice before committing any online money or data transaction. So that we can live a serene life.

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Walking around the city for work

Three years after graduation

Friends are all in great jobs

Everything was registered on the job sites

No one looks back after seeing the resume

I finally saw a reply in the inbox

I am twenty-five years old and they need thirty years of experience

Before lying on the mother’s stomach I had to get to work

I continued my journey without giving up hope

While chatting on  what sup with an unknown girlfriend

A notification in the mail

Your resume is shortlisted

You have been selected

The company is the best and the salary shines

The girl in the WhatsUp chat was also fallen in love

The commission they said for the job was transferred

These dollars are my capital when jobless

I went to work for the company on the first day

The key to my future is safe here

Security Guard laughed when he saw the offer letter

‘’ Baby you’re stuck, the offer letter is fake

Offer letter without even an interview ?”

A thunderbolt flashes on my head

Call the agent who sent the offer letter

The Subscriber you are trying to call is switched Off

After graduation, I was searching for a job. Unfortunately, I did not get an opportunity at that time. I was very disappointed and depressed. I applied for jobs on so many online sites. At last, I was trapped by an agent and I lose my money as well. Nowadays also online scammers are still here thus do not trapped by them like what happened in my life. My this worst past experience encouraged me to write poem about online scam so that any other persons won’t trap on these kind of online scams.

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