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The poem about nudity and nakedness was written by ancient poets for sexual educations in the early centuries. We all came to our earth without anything. Once we were born and seen the world in the mother’s lap, we were naked. Then humans begin their running to conquer the world. Every human requires basic needs such as shelter, food, and cloth. Stylish people spend a lot of money purchasing new dresses and ornaments. However, 20 % of the world’s population is still unable to fulfill their basic needs. In the streets, we can catch the beggars who do not even have adequate dresses to wear. Is this the real development? Society’s morality will improve only when the development reaches the bottom line. Fully or partially naked people roaming on the streets are not an appreciable sign for headway. Thus, a poem about nudity is important when citizens are suffering for clothes. Always be use the resources wisely so that our future generations may not face resource shortages.

 poem about nudity

Everyone stares at me

No one comes in front of me

After a single glance

Never look at me again

The speeding cars looked at me and laughed

The red light on the signal looked at me shyly

I was like this centuries ago

There was a slight change due to Eve

The leaves were born for me too

Like the armor of Goliath

I can’t see my armor around

I wandered around looking for ridiculous reasons

Somewhere stones fell on my forehead

The dripping blood did not fall to the ground

I stared at the stone

The mother is stroking the baby

That little baby is staring at me

That little baby wants to come in front of me

That little baby is  again staring at me

I finally realized that truth

We are both equally naked

The poem about nudity flashes in my mind while I walking through a street. The street is the eyepoint of the city and a very rush and busy street. People are roaming everywhere to explore city life. Suddenly in the corner of the traffic signal, I saw a man who was naked, Shockley I blinked my eye and try to deviate my vision from that naked man. I am in a dilemma whether the naked man is mentally irritated or he has a shortage of clothes. Although nobody is approaching him to donate, anything and I notice a baby was sitting in the car with his mother continuously looking at that man. When everyone avoiding that naked man, at least a little children trying to take care of that naked man. Later, I have regretted it due I was unable to help that street man even though I did not donate any clothes to him. Thus, I decided to write a poem about nudity so that the people who read this poem should help others when they need basic needs such as food, shelter, and cloth. Be always take care of our surrounding livings who need help at the proper time.

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