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Poem about nature reveals the hidden natural beauty which flexes the human soul. Nowadays we exploit natural beauties in several ways. But people are not remembering the fact that once nature starts reacting, it may be the start of the whitewashing of humankind. During a stressed work cycle, we start to watch nature. The most spectacular movement starts when the mind is free and we are into the natural beauty. There are two types of beauty i.e. natural and artificial. Nowadays people are running behind artificial beauty. The people who font off a serene life always enjoy the natural beauty. From the ancient era, nature lovers are keen on poems about nature because they read the lines and try to explore the real-world natural beauty. Different natural shapes and slides such as mountains, hills, valleys, rivers, oceans, and many more are related to each other. When we look into the skies we can adorn the beauty of our multiverse. However, the only fact which is an obstacle to all these things is time. People do not have any time to do the things they love the most. Passionate people repel their ability due to lack of time. Thus letting this poem about nature is an eye-opener for them. 


Wandering childhood in the desert

Longing childhood for rain

Coveted in the bloodbath of youth

The roses are beautiful and far away

As the rain spreads the rainbow

Impress me with its beauty

Royal chamber rising in the forest termite canopy

Like a sack that encloses with a drawstring

More than the yellow of the rising sun

Curious about red of the sun setting

Child who longs for the blossoming flower

Happy memories forgotten when fall

Sparrow perched on a golden bush

Vulture flies in the beautiful distance

Rainbow comes to mind

The sky blue t seems to be forgotten

Forgetting the beauty of darkness

Mysterious bat lies in the shadow of day

Desire to walk while raining without an umbrella

Peculiar natural beauty is an illusion

The main reason I wrote a poem about nature is mainly that I am a nature lover. When I am alone or feel stressed, I usually spend time with nature. After some time I can feel inside my mind what is my destiny where I have to heads-up. Nature motivates me with a plethora of examples. While seeing a plant that is trying to grow in a rock always reminds me of the obstacles which may come forward when our life is moving. But our roots are strong, we can grow stronger and can reach our destination soon. In this poem about nature, natural beauties are correlated to a person’s feelings in different times and phases of life.  Now I am remembering once when my wife explored natural beauty and that inspired me to write a poem about gardening. In nature, everything is connected and we need to protect the natural habitat as well. People can protect the natural habitat only when we are not polluting the soil which is the fundamental resource for our existence. In my native, there are so many environmental movements and youth are participating in environmental activities. I feel that this is a good sign for a sustainable future. Thus, I hope this poem about nature will be a reason for the adversity of natural beauty. 

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