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The poem about natural disaster is a warning about the calamities that may happen in the near future.  Ultimately everybody on this planet is uncertain about his or her death. In this contemporary era, people exploit natural resources. They are not even about the future resources and pollute our atmosphere and environment continuously. As a result, nature behaviors dramatically and unpredictably. People should conserve natural resources so that nature also can maintain the balance.  The poem about natural disaster is not fond for many people due to the negativity that spreads on the messages. The artificial constructions ruin the earth’s beauties. Due to the pressure factor on the earth’s crust earthquake happens and many people lost their lives. Worldwide organizations and world leaders are keep eye on natural calamities however it is the responsibility of every human to protect and save our nature. Poem about natural disaster not only illustrates natural calamities but also mention how artificial structures ruin the human era.

flood, village, street, poem about natural disaster

Conceptually many times conflicts

Danger wall in front of the eye

The rainy season is in full swing

The land surrounded by water

Overflowing canals

In the incessant rain

Afraid to sleep comfortably in the darkness

The screams of landslides ring in my ears

The mind is filled with worries

Trees drowning in floods

Nature destroys human resources

Man destroys the brilliance of nature

The house was built on top of the hill

The housing base is in the sand dunes

Trees warning of impending disaster.

For the status quo of modern man

Kills the man of the future

Fear of flooding all around

The truths before the eyes are not seen

My fear is the roof during this rain

Not the flour that is going to fall

Hear the cries of millions of people

The little baby’s sleep continuous

Stronger wave than the tsunami

The wave that beheads in the state

Villages and cities are disintegrating

Birds and snakes are non-exist

The crows are crying

Like they have seen a volcanic eruption

The land is disappearing to nowhere

The dam is red even

In the last breath of the people

When you close your eyes

The body that floats somewhere

No more a people and his or her dreams

Nostradamus Laugh from the black hole

The poem about natural disaster is the outcome of natural calamities occurs in several parts of the globe for the last few years. Amid the COVID era, People are worried about natural calamities such as storms, floods, tornados, landslides,s and many more. People lost their lives, family members, houses. Why the natural disaster occurs?  I firmly believe that whenever humans attack nature, nature reacts violently and questioning the existence of Homo sapiens. The construction of dams for irrigation and electricity use helps in so many ways. Although, aging dams are a threat to society. Poem about natural disaster not only shows the destruction but also demonstrate the precautions we should take during a panic situation. Animals such as street dogs lost their shelter during the flood. For a better future, save the natural environment and do not overwhelm while the environment reacts drastically. Let us this poem about a natural disaster is hope for disaster less life on our globe.

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