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Poem about money meant not only for investors or traders but also for the common people who suffer to accomplish their everyday needs. Nowadays most people want to become a millionaire within a short span. Is the money or profit gain provide success to the life. I strongly believe that apart from financial stability we must understand the suffering of our neighbors. Albeit, due to the adverse circumstances humans do not open their eyes and watch the reality. middle class and lower class people borrow money from others. Some people do not ask to return the cash which they are given because they understand the person’s situation and they have a well-maintained interpersonal relationship in society. The poem about money shows the real picture of the human’s character and attitude where morality and trust are ignored.

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The man from the hospital bed called me

The man needs immediate money

I put my hands in my pocket

My torn pockets have few coins

I searched  the value of the coin

Didn’t even get  face in the coin

To save a friend lying in a hospital bed

I begged money from the world

The mind that sows in the other’s distress

Eventually, cash was raised somehow

I went to the hospital bed and paid his bill

Disease treated and become stable

After couple of years got a phone call

That old friend needs more money on emergency

I was ready to help him

Arranged cash  again somehow

He asked with a smile

How much is the old money I owe?

I forgot the exact amount

I was unable to remember the amount

Honestly, he reminded me of the exact amount

He simply told with a smile

I will not pay the whole money

Due I forgot about the amount.

The one who turned it down had a few dollars

I put my hands in my pocket

My torn pockets have few coins

I searched  the value of the coin

I found the coin has my friend’s face

One day one of my friends borrowed money from around $2000 due to some medical emergency That time  I was the only breadwinner in my family and did not have that much money. However, I arranged it with one of my cousins and gave it to him. After that did not connect with my friend or did not ask my friend to give my money back. After few years he called me and ask me about the money he borrowed. I Was not remembered that amount. Due to my ignorance, he is telling me that he will return only $1000. This incident pushes me to write a poem about money. So that people can understand how money crashes the relationship. People who love poems about money also a font of poems about bitcoin and cryptocurrency. More than money, build personal relationships during friendship.

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