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Poem about mentor shows the importance of an adviser or guide in the entity. People have adhered the daily life where they do not know what types of choices to be taken or in which direction they should flow. In some parts of life, everybody will think if I had a mentor, then I could have been move better. From childhood, parents and teachers lead the children and students in a proper direction. Is it worth full?  When somebody is in a dilemma, that time hand of a mentor is necessary.  Humans are interdependent with the system, society, and family. Find a good mentor so that can achieve such a height that black holes will not be a barrier for us. Poem about mentor illustrates the effect of a mentor in a person’s life. When someone needs your advice or help, be a mentor to that person and progress the life forward.

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Everyone froze the hidden mastery

Caliber unknown to everyone

Talents are stored in the soil

Acting crazy in front of others

Dances in the theater

Singing from the side of the road

Showing less talent in the community

The mind that does not want fame

The heart that pays for the character

Eagle wings to fly

Crawl on the ground like a snake

No one recognizes the potential

As humans did not understand aliens

This is an alien creature

Came to settle on earth

Flying saucers are weaknesses

Fish in the swimming pool is amazing

Met the alien-like confluence of rivers

Understood the reason for dancing in the theater

The anxiety of singing along the way got caught

An unlucky creature  came on the flying saucer

Trying to understand the alien

I started to see my mentor

Downstairs sharing knowledge

Learned to help the stranger

Just swing and sing in my mind

The alien became a revolution

Without wings to fly

I was taught to move like a rocket

I was taught to swim like a fish

Alien showed me the answer to who I am

I woke up between sleep and dream

Flying across the sky across the clouds

In front of the halo of light

Move up with the unsuspecting creature

To achieve the limits of expectations

I decided to write a poem about a mentor when I was probing for myself; one person shows me the light in the darkness. As an illusionist, I like to call him an alien. The alien was very introverted and people around them always underestimate him. Keen observation is the best teacher, through my monitoring I came to know the potentiation and capacity of that person. I always make an effort to meet with the alien in the sky. However, the alien flies away on the flying saucer however alien is a true leader. Unexpectedly, the day of hope aroused. I understood that the path of me and the alien is in the same direction to beat the black hole. Struggles are always ahead of us. Albeit, me and the mentor alien trying to embark on a passage like Haley’s comet.

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