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Poem about memory loss describes the situation in a stressed man’s life when he lost his memories. Memories are astonishing creatures on the planet. Every person differs in their thoughts and memories. I believe that a person’s character is dependent on the experience they face and the memories that occur. Childhood stages memories are sweet while growing up due to the weight of the increasing responsibilities and become sour. Although, at the end of the day memory which remains ultra-high stays for a longer period. Poem about memory loss not only reveals the past stages but also cherishes the doubtful future destination. Memories are like clouds in the sky as few remain dark and some remain pure white. As time travels, clouds may vanish somewhere in the sky. Same way when we are not trying to remember the things which may happen in the past then they may remain erased from the brain cells and which is very difficult to recollect as well. This poem about memory loss does not scare or frighten anyone in the situation of a memory loss but reminds us to cherish memories that exist throughout the life stages.


When alone, I become naked

When am in the community

Tried to walk around dressed

Heart pounding in fear of failure

Stumbling legs do not touch the ground

Journey through a miraculously changing path

Will the gift I receive become worthy?

Memories freeze on the last breath

Things shake at the first touch

Immortal memories remembered

Half-truths of a beautiful journey

The thorns of the rose bush

Wind love can hurt anyone

Great climate to enjoy the season

Hanging out alone on the dark street

The car overtook the speed limit

While eyes were closing

Splashed the broken mirror glasses

Different thoughts flash in the head

Looks like everything different

Am I an alien from a different planet?

Doctors were whispering slowly

I lost my memory in the accident

Continuously asking who I am?

I am unable to memories my name

Do I have a family waiting for me?

Do I have a wife searching for me?

Do I have kids who love me?

My past remains an illusion

If I have any pending task which is dominant

Looking outside the window sun is shining

Breeze is flowing somewhere to find the partner

Worried about the dependent waiting for me

I am a free bird without any legs

Memories freeze on the last breath

Things shake at the first touch

Immortal Memories remembered

I wrote this poem about memory loss due to the experience of a person who suffers from memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease. While driving he had a severe accident and was in a coma for a period. He recovered somewhat but he almost lost his memory. And he was unable to identify his relatives and friends. I feel like this is the unluckiest part of life as losing the memory. This painful situation pushed me to write a poem about memory loss and I wish no person on this planet should not go through these difficult changes in their life. When a person loss memory becomes depressed existence. The person’s dependence may suffer a lot because when brain memories are not stimulating survival in this society is difficult. Let this poem about memory loss think and remember about fruitful memories in life and I encourage you to remember at least five beautiful memories in your life before this sunset.  

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