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The poem about love is for the people who fall in love once in their life. If a person promises he does not have any affection for anyone, then he may not be a human or he may be a liar. From puberty, people start to love each other. Few people do not express their love to girlfriends, wives. What is pure love? Love is a mutual relationship between two people where mutual understanding and self believe plays a vital role. Many people are fear expressing their emotions because they believe that maintaining a relationship is like walking through a sharp sword. Teenagers who break up with their lovers are very irritated and frustrated. Few teenagers take this incident to write poem about love. This disappointment further leads to change in their character and emotionally they blame themselves.  It is better to avoid all rejections in our lives and wait for our true soul mates.

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A time to hate the love
The time when girls were forgotten
Valentine’s day was a time of ignorance
The time when romantic movies were not seen
The time when no more buying gifts
The time when dating was a nightmare
Like glitter in half rain
I saw her wet face
After a long time openly
I proposed on her anxious  face
Without giving an answer
Without trying to figure out who I am
She walked away without looking at my face
A time to not be able to sleep
A time when memories froze
The time when smiles do not come to the lips
Time to fill the eyes with tears
It’s a time of resentment
A time when expectations are fading
A time to hate the love

All kinds of humans like poems about love because love is the binding metal in this world. I have seen a person who was very disappointed after his proposal was rejected by his girlfriend. Now, he hates the love, and his moods swing unpredictably. The person was interrogative and waiting for an opportunity to open his heart. Although, the girl’s concept about her partner was quite different.  Now my friend is in a dilemma about what to do next. He shared his feeling with me. After that, I decided to write a poem about love in which pain and heartbroken feelings to be expressed. I do not have a piece of clear advice for my friend on what he must do next? Whether to impress and propose to that girl again or wait for his soulmate. The person’s love proposal and rejection caused me to write a poem about love.

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  3. I have just come through this in a similar way. I am looking very carefully at my next steps… slowly I am coming to the realization that I have a wonderful life alone. I am lonely but have been lonely in the past in a marriage. I can come and go and do what I want when I want. Independence and freedom are values I hold dearly. At this time I am giving myself two more weeks to make my final decision as to stay in the dating game or not.


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