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The poem about life journey is enthusiastic always because in our life journey we do not know what is going to happen in the next seconds. Life is a journey in which people are heading to a different path to reach their destination. The life destination is always different for everyone. In some phases of life, humans are in a dilemma that where to move. Some people choose the right path and few people chose shortcuts to reach the destination. Who reaches the destination first is not important but the factor which depends on the journey is the amount of quality time one spent during the journey. Try to be a person who leads the path. The poem about life journey not only shows the life struggles but also portrays the hope of life.  Life is too short like an eye blinking. All may think that we have enough time to travel all over the universe. But the hidden truth is most people do not satisfied with the life journey. Money, power will give instant happiness in life but that is not long-lasting. The long-lasting thing which will exist in our life is the good memories. This poem about life describes the obstacles and hope a person goes through in the life journey.

life, journey , poem about life journey

I was caught in a jungle

Not just the jungle

A dense forest

One after the other

Emerald ruby when crossing the forest

Friends are somewhere in the forest

I’m alone on my journey

In the middle of the road

Towards the destination

I saw the double barrier

Fence trying to delay the journey

I’m just a horse with a bridle

The master will lead the path

There is no time to wait

Let the master lead dark street

Let the master lighten the path

Journey to emerald ruby

The time flashes without anyone’s consent.  The poem about life journey was written in the past era. During my academic times. Few subjects were nightmares to me. This poem about life journey not only shows the complexity and difficulty I had faced during my academic time. I know that passing these subjects is important to complete my graduation. I failed in thermodynamics and mathematics twice, then it become a barrier to me. I started afraid of exams. I thought I will become a loser in life. Thus in my life journey, these subjects were nightmares to me. But the hope of passing remains candlelight in my life. This poem about life journey rethought me how I can pass over the obstacles during the life journey. My faith and hope for passing strengthen my attitude. Everything is written however, we have to choose what to write in our life. After a couple of failures, I wrote the exams a third time.

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