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A poem about life and death illustrates the meaning of life. Everyone can analyze and remember their past. Albeit, we cannot predict our today or future until time travel is possible. From where we come to this planet ? where we are going after death? still, scientists are probing for the answers. Our spirit affixes the past, present, and future so the crossing of the connecting bridge is a colossal barrier. Life has three major phases i.e childhood, young age, and adulthood. A poem about life and death reveals the illusion of life and death. People have three different ways of viability in each stage. When they acknowledge their lifespan value that becomes the exit point for their existence.


The morning rays do not penetrate into my eyes

The fireflies that were with me in the evening are nowhere

The sound of night crickets does not ring in my ears

Blowing winds and squeezing leaves are nowhere

I curse the moment where have not become myself

Forgets the moment when the horizon of time turned into an ax

Electric bulbs pierce into my eye

The liquor bottles that were with me in the evening are everywhere

The sound of the DJ party of the night ringing in my ears

Pampering cannabis and squeezing females are still active today

I am proud of the moment I became myself

Remembers the moment that became the curtain gift of time

Will my eyes open to see the world?

Can I see the medicine bottles that were with me in the evening?

Can I hear the cries of night pain?

Will the caress of the breath and the squeezing of the nerves still work?

What are the moments when I am and I am not?

How many moments of time are in front of me?

Can I see the moments of time ahead of you?

I have seen a person who was aged and he is in the last stage of his life. His childhood was breathtaking, he cherishes his adolescence with exemplary memories. However, during his youth, he was in some other addictions and relished life unorthodoxly. However, now medicines are his companion. He is in a dilemma that which phases of his life. He was in gladness and curious about his life after death. His life stages inspire me to write a poem about life and death.


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