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Poem about job is not for the people who search for poems but also for the people who are in their retirement stage. After graduation students are eager to search for a job, few people get the job as early but few are in a dilemma in which field they have to choose. Poem about job shows the struggle of developing a career in their own related field.  When we are thinking of creating a well-organised nation or world all the citizens should be educated and should work in a professional atmosphere. It is not about which job you are doing it is all about how responsible you are doing the job. Poem about jobs may give the phases a person going through in their career and the success and the struggle they face. Still, every job has its own difficulties, believe a person should manage both personal and professional life for a serene society.

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Planning for a weight loss

Result in hair loss due to work loss

The meaning of life is unfinished

Waiting for a green signal in a busy traffic

Blocked by the vision of tomorrow

Ways are split into different styles

The quality index in my life is diminishing

The KPI in my life is flashing

Darkness surrounding me

The shadow disappears amid the darkness

Searching for the shadow since sunrise

Politics everywhere to show the domain

Am I in a different direction

Saw the light in the darkness

Diminishing the flow on the midway

I look into the blinking stars in the sea

I could not find any stars in the daylight

Unemployment affects the entire life

In reality where the sky embrace

Where my dreams are in boundless space

Knock on the door for an opportunity

All the doors remain immunity

Swimming in the opening sky

Diminishing skills fly

Decreasing the passion for try

Experience, a shining light

Guides to take the flight

People ignore me in the past

Praises me in the future

The in-seen future arrives

The Passion star thrives

I wrote poem about job after a decade of professional journey in my life. I was in a period of life where I focused on planning for weight loss. This endeavor, however, leads to an unintended consequence: hair loss due to stress or neglect brought about by their dedication to work and achieving their weight loss goals. This time I thought I should write a poem about job. After completion of aeronautical engineering, I was struggling to find a job in my fields and I was in a stage of depression. The future was a white shadow for me as the job market and the competition were too tough. The poem about job shows my anxiety, depression, and hope for the future. When anyone is struggling for building a career, my personal opinion does not to worry about society’s pressure, be focused and wait for an opportunity to crack the bottle. A person who has more struggles can achieve more professional growth in his career. Gender difference also causes discrimination in some workplaces where rumors about girl spread Do not quit until you are on the winning side of the race and I wish this poem about job is the starting point of your race.

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