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Poem about jealousy is an iconic transfusion of humankind. Humans are the most advanced species in the world and they conquer the multiverse. However, As the human era grows, their emotions also grow parallelly such as love, affection, kindness, and many more. same time, revenge, jealousy, and cruciality also spread all over the world and there have been plenty of leaders and scholars who tried to make a world in which kindness and love are spread instead of jealousy. The poem about jealousy has two phases, the initial phase is the success of a person and the last phase is the destruction. The poem about jealousy is mostly focused on the last phase in which society and people’s character changes dramatically. If people show their real face in front of others I believe drama exists everywhere and everyone hides their devil face and shows the divine face in which they believe people trust them. The poem about jealousy shows the struggle of an ordinary person to succeed in the market.

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In the mirror of the soul, we’ll find

Declaration of the Success Road

Everything rounding the corner

Edge of paddy field for farmer

An Individual farmer worked in the green field

Labors and tears sown like seeds

Commanded earth’s surface with greenery

Converted surface into a fertile flourishing area

Farmer’s spirit survived sufferings and storms

Seasons danced with his reforms

Bountiful crispy crops grew tall

Farmer’s declaration to the success road

Shared the success with society

Jealously sparked in the hearts of others nearby

Family member’s and neighbor’s uncontrolled envy

They spoke with quiet black scorn

Jealousy sparked in the hearts of others nearby

Farmer’s victory beacon shined brightly

Symbol of resilience and endless struggle

Driven by a depth of hope

Hope could not be shined by jealousy

Life-poisoned, twisted vine

Famer’s spirit was burned by their hatred and greed

Incapacity in surviving the darkness of despair

Determined to hang up on his dreams

A horrible ending

A life suddenly ended

The legacy of the farmer vanishes beneath the moon

The price of jealousy disappears in countryman’s life

Ended by making the request

Plant the priceless seeds of love to overcome envy

Plant the priceless seeds of love to overcome envy

Recently, in my native place, a farmer suicided due to the pressure from the society and economic crisis, this splashed my brain to write a poem about jealousy. The farmer worked hard and within a short span, he became a successful farmer and got many agricultural awards as well. Then, suddenly his short-term success became a discussion point in the village and his relatives and friends were jealous of his success and they started to spread the rumours about him such as he is having some illegal affairs and he is making money by wasps and cannabis. The government started enquiring about these statements and his mental stability started loosening. This tragedy made me feel sad and I realized that society is jealous and a poem about jealousy may make society think twice before doing anything. Because, sometimes butterfly effects cause tragedy in other people’s life. Let this poem about jealousy be a lighting candle and let this poem about jealousy be a firefly in the darkness.  

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