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Poem about hunger is all about our lives. Why are people running behind money? Everyone knows the exact reasons for the same. The fundamental reason is to be free from hunger. There are certain basic needs that every citizen must-have. But in my perspective, a human can survive if they do not have any shelter. They can stay anywhere that place may be dusty, not safe, and insanitary. But how can we survive a day without eating any food? It’s very difficult and that part may be the most struggling period of anyone’s life. This poem about hunger portrays the hunger of all living organisms on this planet. Habitat exists mainly due to the existence of the food chain. If any animal is hungry, definitely all the carnivorous attack or hunt other animals in their struggle for existence. The people who rule the nation or world must understand the value of hunger. Our life is a journey, not a destination thus we should think about someone who needs food. We all waste a lot of food during parties or any function. But there are so many people all over the world who struggle for one-time food in their lives. The poem about hunger exposes the pain of eyes that are hungry for a long time.  

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I was hungry and I ruled alone

I did not use my ability to starve

Mother tries to kill me

To avoid her hunger

I was hungry and ruled alone

No more rest, no more Vedanta

The spine is straightened saw mate

I built the spider web

I fall down in the spider pit

Waited for the prey

Net was flying somewhere

Not be discouraged

Not tired, no disappointments

The cry of hunger

Aim is far away from me

Not once, not twice, seven, eight times

I missed the target

Not be discouraged

Not tired, no disappointments

The cry of hunger

Days are running fast

At last prey fell in front of me

Prey’s cry like audience encouragement

Prey’s eye like vodka in front of me

I ate the prey and reigned supreme

Why should I live for others hunger?

The cry of hunger

The cry of hunger

I wrote this poem about hunger during my college days. I was sitting at my study table on a lazy Friday morning. Suddenly, I noticed a spider that is continuously in an effort to build a web. After some time, the web was damaged. But that spider keeps moving. Then I realized that the motivation behind the spider’s hard work is not to rule the world but simply to get food and avoid hunger. This incident motivates me to think about a poem about hunger. And I realize that we need a poverty-less world so that all living organisms can enjoy their life. There are several times when I was hungry and starving for a long time. But I have a tight budget so I avoid my regular foods. When I was hungry, I was depressed and frustrated and at some point in time, I was thinking about what is the meaning of life if I am unable to achieve my basic needs. Poem about poverty also shows the pain of being hungry. I wish this poem about hunger and poverty would be a highlight of the importance of food in our life. Rather than reading this poem about hunger, do something best for avoiding someone’s hunger. 

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