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Poem about humanity reveals the real and fake of humankind. Wherever we are going, people have an artificial smile. Now, we are living in an artificial intelligence era, which does not mean that people must show their artificial faces everywhere. Morality is dead. Humans are dependent on their society for several reasons and the relationship bond in society is decreasing over the last few centuries. Poem about humanity roars for a positive life in nature. Nature also shows an extreme face when nature believes that humanity is decreasing. Poem about humanity motivates this multiverse to show empathy and kindness to each other. Everything around us happens due to a reason, the reason may be hidden at that point in time. Albeit these hidden factors may reveal one day which exposes the secret of dark life. This poem about humanity is for those who are emotionally attached and live a true sympathetic life.

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Hypocrites smile

People who wear masks

Crying crow over there

Falling leaves are sprouting

A coin in the pounding dumpsters

People who are beaten for coins

Real love and camaraderie have been lost

A love that caters to his needs

I go back to my childhood

Friends then are now strangers

What kind of people do we meet?

We see those who have the same thought

We see those who have the same purpose

Those who have common opinions unite

Dissenters take the mother’s pyre

Hurting at the rise of another

Rejoicing in another’s weakness

The galloping horse has no master to bridle

As the birthdays increase, the days of death approach

A vengeful man seeks his prey

Humanity is dead and bleeding profusely

A mother’s labor pains amid the chaos of war

A baby’s cry that starts immediately after birth

The triumphant man’s smile shines

The inhuman ready got the brutishness

A man in animal skin

Humanity perishes in the rush

Hypocrites smile

I wrote this poem when some crazy emotions are going into my mind. Once I went to a park near home. I saw many birds and squirrels playing in the trees and they were enjoying their life without any stress. In the wind, trees were heading down the leaves and spreading the love of nature. Same time I observed that many people sitting in the park and not at all looking at or smiling at each other. They were busy with their social network activity and one child was injured while playing, but still many people does not bother about it and they were still busy on their social media. This incident forced me to write a poem about humanity, Is humanity dead? This poem about humanity is not the answer to the same. The one who reads this poem should show the humanity in our world so that we can make humanity spread to society. Depression poetry is the opposite of humanity. Every face of our life we met different people, but the people who have the same thought and purpose may stay together. Let this poem about humanity is an eye opener for this society so that people can love and respect each other.

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