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Is the poem about girl is beautiful? In our everyday life, we discuss women’s empowerment and equality. Albeit, in some parts of our society few narrow-minded people still looking for a masculist globe. Gender differences exist from the ancient era. In the early 1800s, western culture begins a positive change for the gender difference, and society’s concept towards gender difference dramatically changes. Among bureaucrats, few ego clashes exist between males and females when someone achieves success due to hard work. These kinds of gloomy outlook persons always spread rumors about others. Is this a face of equality? Our work environment and work culture need further pragmatic improvement. Thus, the poem about girls, women and women empowerment shows the power of freedom and equality.


Intelligent girl in the workplace

Junior in my college, my best friend

She is far ahead in hard work and accuracy

She urged  to move forward without mistakes

Excellent at learning new things

In a short time became a role model in the workplace

Her promotion upset me

Junior is my boss today

I spread rumors about her to colleagues

She has an affair with someone in the office

The reason for her growth is that affair

Friends started hating her

Her image faded

Months passed, There is no value for her in the office

Because of guilt, on a night shift

I went into her cabin to make a confession

I comforted her without saying that I was the one who spread the rumors

Due to my regular visit to her cabin

Now everyone in the office says You are her lover and illicit relationship

I have seen a girl who was very talented and diligent achieved success in a short time. Her success story results in sleepless nights for many of her colleagues. The promotion they dreamed of is now achieved by that girl and she was waiting for her marriage.  The jealousy factor causes to spread rumors about her during work hours. This affected her working capability and her morality decays. At last, she resigned recently without notice period in her company. This is not a rosy outlook for our society. This incident inspired me to write a poem about girl. The poem about girl illustrates the story of a common girl. A quality company requires optimistic, polite, supportive team members so that they can cherish and appreciate their success with each other.

4 thoughts on “RUMOUR ABOUT A GIRL”

  1. Her choices show workaholic views. Albeit, a woman should recognize whether the colleagues are fake or not.

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