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Poem about gardens and gardening not only love by botanist but also all humans enjoy garden poetry. Gardening shows the way humans love nature. The joy of gardening is quite different. It enhances a healthy attraction towards our habits. Flaura and fauna are the binding crystals on our planet. We can erase is the air pollutions from the plantation of trees. We must save our environment for our future generations. Thus, it is necessary to make a habit of gardening so that family can maintain a greenhouse effect on our nature. Environments always keep track on the natural resources and they promote poem about garden and gardening. Worlds beautiful garden embark at in the deep heart.  Humans should be eco-friendly so that we can reduce our environmental disasters. Apart from the Homosapien, birds,  animals, insects, and many more are equal partners on the earth.

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The mind that loves flowers

The mind that cares for the leaves

The mind that beats the soil

The mind that smiles at the petals

The mind that strengthens the roots

The mind that regenerates the buds

Seen a barren hill in the journey of life

Seen a mirage in the scorching sun

Seen greenery on the barren hill

Reached near to greenery on barefoot

Seen the flower of hope

A teenage flower that struggling for death

The new guest is a favorite of everyone in the garden

Reborn from the last breath in the bed

The flowers of the plant loved the world

The leaves of the plant breathed the world

The roots of the plant supported the world

Little flower raised expectations in me

Poem about a gardens and gardening plant in my mind after an incident. Initially, I was not a font for gardening. Albeit, my wife loves nature. One day she went shopping. In a mid-way, she finds a baren hill and saw a little plant. As a nature lover, she replanted the same in her garden. Today, I observed that the plant is grown and flowering the blossoms in our surroundings. My wife’s this positive attitude inspired me to write a poem about gardens and gardening so that all garden lover can enjoy and improve their gardening skills.

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