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Poem about Gandhi portrays the message of peace and sacrifice.  Gandhi was the motivation and inspiration for so many people during independence.  His attitude and character help him to take the lead during India’s freedom struggle. This poem about Gandhi is not related to any patriotic poetry but shows the reality of experience in our daily lives. Gandhi started his professional career in South Africa as a lawyer. Mahatma Gandhi’s style of campaign is through nonviolent resistance. Gandhi led the campaign for women’s rights, Untouchability, and achieving self-rule in India.  Nowadays, people are inspired by his political views and ideology all over the world. Mahatma Gandhi is the father of the nation for India. However, few people are against Mahatma Gandhi’s ideology and views. Godse killed Gandhi and the motive remains a mystery. However, history reveals that Godse believed that partition could have been avoided by Gandhi and he believed that Gandhi’s talk of nonviolence and religion caused India – Pakistan division. Whatever, the reason these kinds of assassinations are not justiciable, this poem about Gandhi be the seed for a peaceful future.  

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Gandhi wandered in search of Gandhi

Seen only Gandhi Godse

One of the godse who came to Gandhi

For the picture of ten

To protect the truth, the real Gandhi

Is in Godse’s pocket

Thus Godse became Gandhi

Gandhi became Godse

Gandhi’s tenth image of Gandhi

Dropped the weight of Godse’s head

 The stench of recognizing the true value

Gandhi misunderstand Godse

Gandhi’s tenth image of Gandhi

Godse pretended to return

Godse cannot become Gandhi

Gandhi cannot become Godse

Lesson: It’s not good to put a dog’s tail in a pipe for twelve years

Result: Who tries to put a dogs tail in the pipe is sure to be beaten with a whip

I wrote this poem about Gandhi during my college days. During college time, my nickname was Gandhi, everyone used to call me. I do not know the exact reason. I wrote this poem about Gandhi after an incident with one of my friends. One day he approached me for cash so that he could pay the barber for cutting his hair. So he asked me for a 10 Rs note which has Gandhi’s face. He requested the same in Gandhi’s way after a couple of weeks later he was not ready to give back the money. Then he showed his real Godse’s face. He did not give the cashback to date. However, still, he is in my close group friend circle. Thus this poem about Gandhi reminds me of the lesson I learned from this incident that it is very difficult to become a good person when one follows bad strategies and approaches in his life. In my personal life, I always respect others and always try to follow the great leader’s ideology if I know that is realistic. The poem about leaders also shows the characteristics and style of leadership. Let this poem about Gandhi motivate the youngsters who follow nonviolence and dreams for a serene future.

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