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Poem about feelings are for those who think differently and always secure or hide their feelings in unconditional ways. Humans are born with different feelings. However, the feelings of a person who looks the society in different ways are varied with other people’s opinions. Few people are fond of nature, any natural rhythm or harmony expels their feelings. Some people are worried about the nation’s wealth and economic stability. Mind twisting also reasons for unstable thoughts and feelings. Poem about feelings portrait a common man’s feelings about society, nature, and future. The democratic and democratic world conquered the middle-class people by using surprising methods and techniques.  In the journey of life plethora of ambitious seeds are lying in the desert without growing the roots. Always re-think about our feelings when they are beyond our control.

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I do not plant seedlings in fertile soil

Desire to sow barren soil

The noise of the nation’s excites the mind

Alone on the battlefield in a thrilling war

A mind eager to speak for the people

Those who try to put dirt in their mouths

I’m a celebrity when they see

Always alone on the path

Those who cry out for my blood

The screams of ambulances amid protests

Ready to play on the middle way

Citizens fleeing the collapse of the ruling umbrella

The mind that is afraid of the other’s annoyance

I did not try to run away and hide anywhere

The struggle of the parties is a curse to the world

The dream of the common people was shattered

A group that seeks financial security

Miserable feeling fewer thoughts wandering

The wingless falcon cubs

Proven condition in the sky

Cannot walk quietly along the way

What we have achieved in this world

The two ends of life must intersect

Poem about feelings is the overall result of my irrational thinking. Nowadays, I am searching for a direction in which I can take p proper turns. Although, taking a rough turn on a straight-line road mostly skid the vehicles in the alternate paths. Celebrities are not doing positive things only for their fame and publicity. Love failure also causes multiple emotions in a person’s life. Few are doing the good moves for the sake of society. In the end, people not taking anything from this world. Everyone simply ran toward the end. What is the end? That is the most powerful mystery in our life. A poem about feelings describes different attitudes while a person’s mind twists. Many poets are fonds of their personal feelings and they write poem about feelings. In this wandering life always respect others’ feelings as well. When we respect others’ feelings we have a space in their mind as well in society. Thus move away from the air bubble and make a wall that climbs to the mars.

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