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A poem about fear illustrates when a person goes through an unfavorable fear situation in life. Who is not nervous in this world? Everyone in this universe is scared about something. People are frightened due to numerous reasons such as personal interfere, fear due to any object or situation. Phobia arises when uncertainty begins. Horror things always cause black magic in enigmatic people. Phobias such as ophidiophobia, acrophobia, homophobia, autophobia are common nowadays. The poem about fear shows a Person’s emotions and attitude when unexpected things happen in life. The fearful situation should be faced courageously so that can fruitful decisions and movements can easily make during the entire life.

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In the laziness of sleep

The art of rain is mixed

On the ringtone of the mobile

I stood up in shock

A call from miles away

Ears pricked up greedily

Brother’s flat voice

The sound of stumbling

A stranger searching me

Unknown anxiety becomes fear 

Listen to the background story, Shockley

A bag in my name

Personality and signature are mines

The investigation continues

Evidence is fabricated

Inside the bag, I saw an autograph

The autograph I wrote a decade ago

Mother’s number in the contact I wrote

Stranger misunderstood I am the heir

Autograph page with a horrible smile

Autograph closes eyes to me with fear

Earlier this year, one of my friends called to me and told me about an experience that terribly crop up to her. She is very introverted and worried about little things. In the early morning, she got a call from her home. Her brother told to her that a stranger continuously calling her mother’s mobile and constantly asking about her. She was frightened and become panic because the stranger did not reveal his intention. The whole family was in a dreadful situation due to the uncertainty. After a couple of weeks, they again got a call from that stranger. At last, after some query, my friend and her family came to know the intention of the stranger.

The stranger got a bag from the street and go an autograph inside it. He was searching for the bag owner to return it. So he called my friend’s mother’s numbers as she was written the details in the autograph. This becomes a laughing story to me. However, my friend was very frightened and was gone through a horrible setup. This incident becomes to write a poem about fear because the fear she has about that stranger was horrible during that period. Fear of dying is a mystery in this universe because nobody does know the life after death.

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