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Poem about exam is fascinating for children. Every day we keep fighting the struggle for existence. In this turbo life, few people still do not achieve their goals and ambitions, and midway, they stall. Due to the circumstances, so many people cannot knock on the door of triumph. In all the stages of our life, we fight with ourselves.  Are you a successor? If a person executes what he plans, then he can live a serene life. From childhood, exams are the preliminary stage for evaluating the education of a child. Education systems alter their way of teaching and learning every day. The students who fail on the exams must be motivated by their parents and teachers. Poem about exam reveals the importance of small things which we are ignoring in our life may become the turning point in life.

pencil poem

An effort over the years

A goal in mind while hungry

A bridge between life and death

Tomorrow my test of life

Preparing for the intellectual exam

Like a mother’s infant

I flipped through the books

The rest are final preparations

What sets me apart from others?

Diagrams and drawings are my friends

After a long search, I got the hall ticket

I quickly ran to the store

Test materials such as pen and scales

They look at me and smiles

I put my right foot in the exam hall

I arrange the exam materials

Put them on the bench

Trying to remember what I had learned

Tensions erupted before the reform

A silver lining cut through my mind

While the investigator is inspecting

I understood that bitter truth

I forgot the pencil in the race of life

I asked for a pencil for everyone

Everyone gave up and I was depressed

Diagrams and drawings in the mind

Trying a jumps into the paper

The razor and cutter I put in a corner

Whispering for its own use

Forgotten pencil creates the panic

A barrier between life and death

I had a competitive examination last month. This exam was very crucial for me because the exam decide whether I can achieve my professional career and my dreams. The exam answers needed more graphs and diagrams to draw for obtaining good marks. Unfortunately, I forget the pencil to take. Now am in a dilemma whether I will pass or fail the exam. My chaotic situation in exam hall forced me to write a poem about exam.

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