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Poem about evolution born since the beginning of human history. Nobody really does know the origin of humans, we are believing with so many theories and hypotheses around human evolution. Science believes in Darwinism while religions teach the concept of God. In between the bathe of science and religion, humans do not know exactly where it happened. When we are thinking about millions of years ago, humans’ physical condition was different from tiny particles to cells and cells to fish, ambient, birds, and animals. I still wonder about the concept of evolution, still, it’s a mystic reaction in the multiverse. The poem about evolution surprises how human originates from an early stage to homo sapiens. Everything revolves around the struggle for existence. When there is a need for a change that is 100 % necessary then there is a chance for evolution. This poem about evolution passes through the circumstance’s phases of human evolution. From a dusted or soil particle to an organ is not an easy path. How this evolution may go in the future? Can anyone imagine how humans may in AD 3000? Nobody can predict the evolution stages or how it may happen. A poem about evolution not only describes the features of evolution but also shows the mystery hidden in evolution as well. 

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I wander by myself

The changes amaze me

The story of a man from a tiny atom

What is the truth? What is a lie?

A story made to believe by religions?

A story taught by science?

Crawled out of the water

Flew off the land and into the air

I couldn’t think when it was the first particle

Now when I feel like thinking about it

Imagination does not flourish

Knowing the past, I cannot see the future

Time is the greatest evolution in the world

One day man will also evolve

That period is not far away

Faceted figures walking on two legs

Forms that experience ideas with thinking ability

Today slightest change in any stage of evolution

Today’s man forgets yesterday’s chimpanzees

Counting skulls is still a mystery

The first particle still irritates

The blame piled up

The killer’s silence is terrifying

The sound of tearing and cutting with a loud noise

The whole world is falling apart

The invisible particle appears

From darkness to light

The Origins of Humanity

The beginning of evolution

Revival of myths with explanation

The human race originated in time travel through the ages

Time will again bring that human race to another level

Another evolution of mystery exaggeration

Future evolution of the human population

I wrote this poem about evolution when I was thinking about my ancienter, I know my grandfather and grandmother. But I do not have any idea about who is their parents. then I thought who may be my ancients from millions of years ago? The interesting part of evolution came into my mind and I thought of a poem about evolution. Is a poem about humanity have any connection with a poem about evolution? Poem about evolution particularly faces of the evolution of humankind. We are surprised by the changes happen in the past few decades. Still, evolution is a mystery. Gene changes are also associated with evolution. We may end our life as part of an evolution race and this poem about evolution still be the question for human evolution in the future.

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