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Poem about environment reveals the natural exploitation made by humans and the effects on the natural resources. As we all know due to modernization and industrialization humans spoil the stability of nature. People are in a dilemma that how the myth about then environmental hazards can be reduced. Certain areas of the globe are over-flooded and the same becomes dry land during another season. Pollution is a curse in this modern era. our air, water, soil are at the peak of pollution. The human’s life span reducing due o the overwhelming pollution. Why does our nature respond inconsistently? The answer is simple this is mainly due to the human exploitation of nature. Poem about the environment should awake us from the uncertain things we do in our daily life to nature. Furthermore, the poem about environment is a hope for the biologist and environmentalist for a polluted less future.

, firefighter, smoke, poem about environment

River flows in the opposite direction

Wind blowing in the separate direction

A ship running aground

Passengers wandering aimlessly

Penguin drowning in the polar sea

Vibration in the basement of nature

Color of the rain faded

Smell of the soil has changed

Colors forget the blindness in front of the eyes

The rocks break in the darkness of night

Polluted land , polluting generation

Hard travel,  rock  exposure pain

Crown of thorns on the head weighing the earth

Beating waves at the bottom of the ocean

Tsunami waves engulf the mountains

Black holes fall into the equator

Vibration in the snow during winters

No trace of soil in the underworld

Tree twigs look at the ripe and laugh

Rivers are drying up

Hills are destroying up

Seasoned farmer struggling for raindrops

Wandering land, shaky man

Darkness in the smoke

Exploitation of nature end of the human hood

Live for a world of natural serenity

Exploitation of nature in the new age

Time is not far for humans to burst into tears

I thought about the poem about environment by seeing the natural disaster and the environmental issues. Nowadays everyone is worried about climate changes, natural calamities like earthquakes, Tsunami and many more. Why these calamities are happening frequently. I believe when the environment threshold varies it affects globally. We need to stop the exploitation of natural resources and take measures for decreasing pollutions. If we respect our environment then only we can the vice versa. People plant trees on world environment days and take selfies for the namesake. But, the reality is nobody cares about the planted tree after that. It is our responsibility to protect nature and the habitat so that we can conserve our resources. Let thus poem about environment is a motive poem for protecting and keeping eye on the environment.

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