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Poem about depression portrays the ultimate sadness and anxiety of a person. People feel anxiety when life has no meaning. What is the meaning of life? We started finding the answers from childhood. However, people are unable to find the mystic answer for the same. Most people cannot find the answer for the same. People may understand the answer only in the last stage of life. In this contemporary era, the relationship does not have any value. Youth starts immigrating from their native town to developed countries for a better life and they feel lonely throughout their life. And the long loneliness leads to depression. Poem about depression highlights the loneliness and hopeless situations and circumstances of ordinary persons’ pathways. While a person is in a depression state their thinking changes. Positive attitudes become irrational views and start ruling themselves for the mistakes done in life. Depression starts when hope ends and it not only affects the mental health but also the body also starts weakness due to depression. Poem about depression not only for the people who suffer from depression but also for the persons who eagerly wait for a meaningful life and expect some positive things which may happen in their life. I wish this poem about depression helps the audience to recover from the depression and further psychiatric stages. 


Peeks through the clouds in the distance

Man who lives enslaved to emotions

Man who lives without humanity

Bald man who shave the hairs

End up living as a doll

Puppet that swings in others’ life

Man who walks by saying unfulfilled desires

Missing the opportunity in front of the eyes

Chasing the dreams after missing opportunities

Do not know where I came from

Do not know where I’m going

No judgment if born as a judge

Counting the counting of peas

I eat in jail while am a prisoner

Life goes on in a hurry

Dispute goes unanswered

Dragging the wine bottles that explode at night

Man who despises others for anything

The expectations of tomorrow are turned off

Do not know where I came from

Do not know where I’m going

I wrote a poem about depression due to an incident that happened recently. One day, I was sitting on my chair looking outside, it was a cloudy day. And nature started crying. I wanted to weep the tears of nature but I was unable to do so. Suddenly, my phone begins to ring. One of my friends called after a long time. After some time, I understood that my friend was totally disappointed. Indirectly he pointed out that his life is in trouble, and does not have any goals and targets. I found that he is at the start of the depression stage. I listened to him carefully after that I tried to convince them that he is really important in this world to his parents and friends. I was calling him daily and shared our happiness and ideas together. Now he is in a better position and does not feel any loneliness in his life. During his free time, he goes outside and plays football, and listen to music. Then, I thought about writing a poem about depression and let us aim for a depression-less world. Do not addicted to dreadful feelings.



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