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Poem about depression and loneliness is a symbolic view of the illusionist mind. Every human race ends at some point in this stage and they start to think and realise where exactly life is moving. Some may find the solution and feels ecstatic about their achievements. Although, the majority feels like their life is not at all exist. That is the starting point of depression and loneliness. The poem about depression and loneliness represents the feeling of a frustrated person who does not have any dreams to achieve and is fed up with the daily routine of life. When thinking about the past everything was built for the future moment.  What is after depression and loneliness? Most of them failed to overcome the terrible stage of depression and loneliness. But everyone needs to recreate their cherishing moment and enjoy the little happiness in their life. A poem about depression and loneliness not only represents the stages or reality of sadness but also feels about the light ray through which depression can be overcome. 

girl, sadness, loneliness, Poem about depression and loneliness

Can’t forget the past

Very easy to remember

Forever alone on the road

Shivering even after dressing

Pains of Stone aged man

The energy of youth is gone

I’m itching for something

There are no goals

Life stagnated when everything was achieved

What have I achieved?

Where is my race?

The only answer is my silence

What am I missing?

The stranger is scared of death

No words to write

Easy to predict the past

Difficult to explain the future

We are in a different time zone

The things I watched are already seen

Curious newborn looks at the sky

The sky is dark and the sun is missing

The child is crying

As her companion missing

In the search for light

Darkness spreading all over the world

The music turns the darkness into light

Memorise the past which gone

Feel the present which existing

Build the future which is a mystery

When I was growing up and thinking about the reality of life, I felt embraced and began to write about Poem about depression and loneliness. In my surroundings, I have a good friend circle and most of them feel depressed at some point in time. One of my seniors shared the depression stages he is going through. The poem about depression and loneliness expresses his anxiety and curiosity about life. In my perspective, everyone may suffer depression and looniness in their life. So, it is important how they are overcome and people around them should support them mentally so that they can walk with their society without any struggle. Importantly, depression and loneliness result lost soul. A poem about depression and loneliness should motivate people who are undergoing the stage of depression and loneliness. As compared with the past like ancient or medieval, modern people have a plethora of things to pass their time such as some entertainment activities or expel in technological areas. So that modern people can overcome the stages of sadness. Let Poem about depression and loneliness be the hope of the future so that everyone will enjoy the single part of their life and live a serene life.

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