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Poem about death is a dark side of the life. Death is still a mystery for humankind. What is death? Is there any life after death?  Creatures in the universe yet to have found the answer to these mysteries. Humans do not have any idea about where they heading in the future. From the ancient era to the modern era, the lifestyles of homo sapiens dramatically changing. However, Every day we running to maintain our family life, daily works for financial stability. In all the age phases, we are bonded with numerous questions.

 During childhood, society asks do you have a good grade or high marks in the study? At a young age, society asks do you got any good job or not? , Do you find your lifetime partner or not? After the marriage, society asks why you are still not becoming a parent. Is there any problem? During adultery, society asks the same cyclic questions about the children. In between these interrogations and arguments, we forget to adore the jubilant moments in life. Life is only a one-time process. Thus, embark on enjoying each and every cheerful moment and live a serene life. Poem about death not only reveal’s the importance of our life but also shows the way we should live a good life.


The areca leaf in the paan shop was finished

While waiting for a friend for the areca leaf by the roadside

A tipper leaping as I opened my eyes

The stone in the rock fell sharply on my body

I saw unripe paddy in my scattering blood

I heard the bells ringing in the church and temple

I still have a lot of things to do today

I got up in the morning and took a shower

The daughter‘s school fee has to pay

The shopkeeper’s grocery bill has to clear

The mother’s hospital bill has to transfer

The milkman’s balance should be settled soon

I still have a lot of things to do today

The income of the shop has been meager for years

My yesterday and tomorrow’s hope stuck in the paan shop

Opened my shop In front of the world as usual

Income is for the namesake, the expense is double

Paddy in the field waits for harvesting

Bells of hope are ringing in the church and temple

The morning, I wake up with hearing painful news that in my native village a paan shop keeper dead in an accident. A tipper was hit him while he was standing in the roadways. That paan shopkeeper may be struggling to knot his family and he was the only breadwinner in his family.  As per the WHO report, due to road traffic crashes about 1.3 million people die every year across the world. Road safety and accident precautions are necessary for a safe life journey. Let’s unite together for an accident-free world. The painful incident happened to the shopkeeper forced me to write a poem about death so that we can reduce the accidental death in our surroundings.

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