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Is the poem about crime is a mystery? Humans are always emotional, at some point in time we do not know whether we are on the right track or a wrong track. Every good mind has a criminal viewpoint. To hide the crime or a true, ordinary man can do anything. Thus, do not underestimate the power of a common man. By analyzing the small things, people try to follow the negative view and which affects society’s morality. Few crimes are accidental like a fearful autograph and for the safety of society. Thus, the person who thinks that he did a good thing for the sake of family or society will go to any extent to save himself. Is the person is an angel for truth or the devil for the mistake?


I committed a serious crime

An unforgivable mistake

The mistake I did not want to remember

Unspoken mistake in a confessional cage

The fault that hides inside the heart

The mistake that made me myself

I did a good thing

An unspeakable truth

The truth I want to remember

Truth not proclaimed in church

Truth is hidden deep in the heart

The truth that made me who I am

The mistake that did to save someone

Become the truth after hiding

When the evidence is forged, it is true

The world comes to know the mistake

Become true after manipulation

The procession of right and wrong continue

The fierce war is still going on

I have watched a movie and in this movie, the hero tries to save his family after his family members did an accidental crime. This movie inspired me to experience a poem about crime. This man was a common man and did not have great knowledge or educational background. However, he stands for his family. By keen observations, he succeeded to hide the crime and save his family. I firmly believe that he is a successful family man. Moreover, he is an illusionist for his family.

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