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We are facing a plethora of problems due to the COVID pandemic. Poets write a poem about COVID-19 with the aim of a cordless future. Does COVID affect marriage? The world witnessed a disaster after the Spanish flu. Initially, people did not know how COVID spread, what are the symptoms and what precautions to be taken world was in a panic situation. The government implemented lockdown and COVID guidelines to restrict the spread of coronavirus. Several people lost their lives, the unemployment rate dramatically increased, the economy crashed, the education system failed, and many more. Amid covid, few people started gardening. When will COVID end? We can hope for a better future and a corona-less era. COVID poetry and poem about COVID-19 are for a serene and pandemic-less world.


I was very positive

Life itself has been turned me into a negative

The desire to fly in the sky

Crawling on the ground due to no wings

Desire to set foot on Mars

Lying in bed with paralysis

Thirty years old

Life is in sixty pieces

The age of marriage is gone

Next week brother’s wedding planning

As an expatriate, I took a leave from the  Arabi

Come home to plan brother’s wedding

Brother is in the peak of the love

A small stone bite from the girl’s family

Because a madman in my family

Mandatory inspection now when I get home

The result shocked me and made my brother cry

The new curse of the world settled on me

I am still in exile for fourteen days

The wedding plan was canceled

The stone bites of the groom’s family became stronger

Girl’s family not ready for the marriage

I was very negative

Corona made me positive

During the COVID outbreak, one of my friends was working outside his native country. During the lockdown, he was unable to enter his hometown. At last, somehow he enters his native place but he tested COVID positive. As he tested positive, his family members guaranteed and marriage postponed. By seeing I thought Aa poem about COVID poem or corona poem to write. When will COVID end? Now, the people are vaccinated, we can expect a corona less life in nearby future.

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