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The investing trend is dramatically changing for the past few years. Poem about bitcoin is a trend mark along with traders. Cryptocurrency is the new face for modern investors and traders. Which cryptocurrency is profitable? Nowadays a plethora of cryptocurrencies is available in markets such as Bitcoin (BTC), Etherium ( ETH), Dogecoin (DOGE), Tether (USDT), Holo (HOT), WIN, Shib coin(SHIBA), and many more. People are making a huge amount of profit by trading in crypto and also in future crypto trading and writers start to write about bitcoin poetry. However, few people and the government still doubting the transparency of the same. An intelligent person can do the investment with proper knowledge and analysis. Bitcoin has a separate fan base in the crypto world due to its blockchain transaction. Keen observation is the keyword for trading success. Cryptocurrency and bitcoin poems are part of modern poetry.

blockchain, technology, bitcoin

I am hearing various noises in my ears

The end of the darkness that has so far blindfolded

This world is a new starting

I am a newcomer

Many friends, their growth stagnated

But I looked at myself

Who are my parents?

How I was born into this new world?

Friends’ ridicule echoed in my ears

I am the one who does not know my own birth

At last, someone took over my paternity

He was not ready to reveal himself

Regardless, I continued my growth

Ridiculed world become jubilant about me

Those who mocked me put on their lap

Those who have seen more  light before my birth,

Today they feel jealous about my growth

I didn’t even know how far I had grown

While am falling from the height

While the whole planet gets upset in my fall

Alien in space showed the stars

Is the alien who helped me in distress is my father?

Is am I the traveler of another time?

The red world I see when closing my  eyes

I don’t know my future

Whether I will rise or fall tomorrow

This year early I jumped into the world of cryptocurrency. I wondered about the new platform. What I was seen, everything was a new journey for me. I was quite surprised about the pumping and bullishness in the bitcoin and I realize to write a poem about bitcoin. Without knowing the founder, bitcoins and bitcoin poems head up in the crypto world. Then I decided to think about a bitcoin poem or bitcoin poetry. However, nobody can predict the future and anything can happen at any time as in the crypto world or in crypto poetry. A crash is also possible at any time. So, observe the market and make intelligent decisions so that we can become successful entrepreneurs.

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