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The poem about bells tells the importance and relationship between the bells and an individual. Bells play a vital role in every human’s life. Most people’s day starts with hearing the ring of alarm. All sleep lovers the irritating sound of the alarm and the people who are determined and starts their morning early love the sound of the alarm. The poem about bells not only portrays the bell’s intention but also reveals the importance of bells in our daily life. Bells are human’s friends from the centuries. Because it gives motivation or rethinking of our process or activities. Successful people have a proper schedule in their daily life. Each and every minute is important so they always maintain a rule of the bell on their planning. Thus I believe the poem about bells is focused on those who are firstly irritated by the scheduled activities or proper planning but later turn their unscheduled life into a successful life. In this poem about bells, the intention and remembering of living and non-living organisms are illustrated indirectly.

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On my way every moment

He interrupting everyday

He is not my friend

He is not my enemy

In my comfortable life

He interrupting everyday

When I woke up

Bad words spilled to him

When I showering

Bad words spilled to him

In my serene life

He interrupting forever

Whatever I say

Not even a little cuss

With accepting the curse

How he lives on this wonderful earth

Spent entire life for strangers

Always cry for someone else

The sound of crying erupts

No matter how many vulgarity

I’m interested in him

Or why should I write like this

Yet there was no change in him

Without even agreeing

On the completion of his poem

The death bell starts ringing

Ringg Ringg Ringg..

The poem about bells wrote during my college time.  I was staying in the hostel and in the hostel, everything was organized. And the students have to follow the instruction strictly. At that time I was focused on writing short poems. It was a rainy day I was sitting on the bench. The ringing of bells penetrated into my ears. Early hostels days I was so irritated by the ring of bells. Because when the time to wake up it rings and for breakfast, lunch, and dinner it again rings.  For the study, times start and end it does not stop it ringing. Thus I sometimes call it as death bell because I was so haunted by the ringing of the bells. After a couple of years, I become a fan of this bell. Because I understand the importance of time in our life. Thus a planned and scheduled life becomes part of life when I am interested in a specific job or activity which I like. I believe that everyone should follow certain rules and plans to become a successful person and we need to understand the truth in mistakes.

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