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This is a poem about a street dog that is trapped and finally understands the value of others’ help. Dogs are the old companion of humans. Albeit, few people do not take care of them strongly in some part of the world. This poem is a story of a dog who survives for the life.

street dog poem

There is no house to get into

There is no one in the cage

Not getting food on time

While wandering, I always bark

Trying to scare the society

I am the queen of the street

Mankind runs when they see me

Fear in my womanhood

Why should I be afraid of two-legged when I have four legs?

I found a pot with fish in the garbage

When hungry put my head on pot in the street

When I open my eyes I feel the darkness around me

Unable to pull out the head from the pot due to my greediness

In the land of the blind, I am the one-eyed man king

One night passed, unable to get the head out of the pot

Trying to break the pot in several places

All attempts fail and I am waiting for my last breath

Someone hold me tight

They forcefully touching my ear and neck

Waiting for death, but some hope still exists

I am wrong; some good people break the pot

They rescue me from the darkness

My future with four legs is the gift of two legs

I am now trying to protect society

I am the soldier of the street

The poem about the dog, the street queen was inspired due to an event that occurred during a hot summer. While I was sleeping, I heard the screaming of a street dog at midnight. When I opened the door in front of my house, a dog was standing and her head was inside the pot. I tried to escape her but she ran away. I can’t sleep that night. Whenever I fall to sleep, a dogs’ unknown face was haunting me. The next day, I was curious to know what happened to that dog. I walked through the street and saw that dog was sleeping near to garbage.  I feel jubilant that at last she survived the life and will wake up with a ray of hope.

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