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Lost soul poem represents the pain of a soul that wanders all over the world to find itself. What is the soul? Still, the answer is mystic for humankind. Because no one in the world does not know exactly what was before death and what will happen after death. We are just living the life and lost soul poem reveals the enthusiasm and unperfected conditions of life. All living organisms including humans, birds, and animals have souls. Can the soul communicate with each other? What do souls exactly look like? Scientists and researchers are still in a dilemma for the solution, However, experiments discovered that the weight of the soul is 21 grams. Thus, just 21-gram weighted souls forward our life path. The lost soul poem shows the soul’s dilemma and prediction. Moreover, the lost soul poem is a type of sadist poetry that searches for the meaning of life.


The soul that wanders through the desolate streets

Twenty-one grams in the body seems to be low

I’m looking for less weight

I saw my youth while wandering

I was talking to someone

To the question of whether life after death is possible

My soul wanders in search of answers

Tobacco burning in the oven

The smoky smell of the corpse

There is no life left to enjoy life after death

In the gaze of the one who satisfies someone

I lost my soul somewhere

I lost that twenty-one gram many times in the pits of life

Carnivorous ants thirst for blood

The eagle’s eyes search for prey

The hunter’s gun killed the eagle

The carnivorous ants drank the blood

And quenched their thirst

The eagle’s soul waits for revenge

The revenge of the end is unpredictable

Revenge on the killed hunter or the ants?

The soul of the eagle is waiting unknowingly

I finally found the answer

To the question of life after death

The origin of the unborn baby is unknown

I do not know the life after death 

In a hurry to measure the weight of the soul

I forgot to live

In the rush to explore the afterlife

I forgot to live

Lost soul poem flashes in my mind when I was eagerly searching for the meaning and connection between soul and life. Life will teach us a lot of lessons but the beauty of death is we do not know what may happen after death. This lost soul poem is not at all depressing poetry but shows where we are hiding the life value while running behind the artificial world. The food chain in our nature is made for killing creatures; many believe that this is natural law and struggle for existence. Albeit, still I wonder how the killing habit is hiding in all creatures’ minds even though it is in the hunt for hunger. Accidental death keep the soul mystic.  Lost soul poem dedicated to the soul of everyone who is dead in the search of the meaning of life and still they are searching the same in some other world which is still searched by the humans who are living on earth. 

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