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The farewell poem is emotional and heart-touching. The people who stay somewhere in a place or work in an organization deserve a well farewell.  In-office people need to maintain a sound good relation and must maintain office corundum with colleagues.  The last working day is always an awful day with mixed feelings and emotions. Everyone tries to go with a smile but the true mystery is the hidden sadness that amplifies in their mind. The farewell poem reflects the personality and professionalism of one person’s entire career. As the early part of the career, everybody struggles for existence. However, through continuous learning, they succeed in their professional career.  A farewell moment is an unforgettable event in which the person does not know what will happen in the next phase of life. Expectations and hope glow in the face at the break stage of a career. Let this farewell poem can be a motivation and inspiration for the next career phase.

last working, good bye, farewell poem

A journey that wanders unknowingly

A dusty city with tidy imagination

Fluttered its wings

Croaking noise and dropped dead

Crying in the mind

Emotions ripening in the bottom heart

The hope is rooted

The red of the setting sun

The sky does not reflect

Thirsty hornets seek streams

Flashing last day views

Mixed emotions arise in the mind

The place I found myself

A bubble of joy in the laughter of the citizen

Do not know if I’ll see you again

I remember the bubble

Vapors that do not lie in the mind

A deer that does not bother anyone

Stones slipping from the hand

The voice of goodness in stumbling tones

The chances of another comeback are slim

Fills the mind with hope

Looking back to the beginning

The end is rotating continuously

Colleagues attitudes propel the fuel

Steel gate closes with a break

Bid you goodbye

Adieu still we meet again

This farewell poem is written with mixed feelings. The early stage of my career and in a company with 7 years of working gone ended. The journey through my professional career was awesome. The multi-task, handling of pressure situations made me calm in my personal life as well. The learning of new things is the most important part of my career. I believe Say yes when you have an opportunity to explore new areas or things and say no when you feel you are wasting your precious time by doing unnecessary works. The farewell poem portraits my last day working moments and at the same time, I was going through my past experiences and the shift duties. Office hour rumours are also the funny side of professionalism. Let this farewell poem remembers your upcoming or past farewell day. Say goodbye to all the people still we meet again Farewell Just cherish each and every moment of life. Au revoir!!

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