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Disease poem seems quite different; the people always search for the terms which are unfamiliar to them. Disease poem shows the illness of a person and the phases that person covers due to the disease. Nowadays we are living in a disease era, where a plethora of fungal and bacterial diseases is hunting us. In 2019, humans were introduced to a new term COVID not exactly a new term but a familiar term still people are not recovered from that Every century humankind is suffering from diseases. Why are there continuing new diseases being generated in the surroundings of this planet? I personally believe that there is an illumination link between these diseases and Darwinism i.e. struggle for existence. Nature itself adopts some strategy for its existence whereas humans also add some artificial lab experiments without proper precautions. When both these are linked together the spread of diseases starts. As of now, humans believe that we are technological advances but still, there are mystic diseases in our surroundings that may be caused due to microorganism development. This disease poem shows the condition when a person suffers from the illness. While a person is sick. He or she needs ultra-most care but nowadays people are alone while they are ill due to relationship issues with their near persons or friends. Disease poem is not just for showing the pathetic disease condition but also reminds me how to overcome disease and how to live the rest of my life.

Disease poem

The piece dries

Hands shaking

The muscles push

The nerves swell

Lightning inside the head

Hands are not raised to write

The legs do not allow walking

The end of mankind?

The beginning of a new era?

The eyes are half-closed

Seeing the particle in the morning

Bleeding blood in the nose

In the smell of sweat

Feels smell of blood clots

Question of freedom of expression

The community that spread disease

I saw blood dripping down my nose

Friends who ask the support

A world conquered by the self

When a fever strikes

People think they will fall

Something is stinking somewhere

Get up from this bed

In the emptiness of darkness

Looking at the end in solitude

Out of time running

Non-stick hands are raised

Nerve spasms the title changes

Looking forward to tomorrow

I wrote this disease poem when I was sick, I was suffering from a serious disease and my entire body was suffering from the disease. Sometimes, I feel that while I am walking; my legs are not going straight. I feared and understood that my brain is not in a stage to control my body organs in a proper way. I doubt that I can return to my life as earlier? Everything seems different. I was in a depression stage both physically and mentally. One night I was sleeping alone in my room, during my sleep I felt like I was falling into a deep pit. It was a terrific experience and suddenly I realized that my brain is functioning differently. These conditions enlighten me to write a disease poem and hope for a disease-less world.

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