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Confession poems are widely popular all over the world due to the special mental stages described in the poem. People do a plethora of mistakes in their daily life without considering other persons interests or emotions. Nowadays criminal minds are rising in the young generation. Thus parents should take additional care for controlling their young children. Confession poems not only give a picture about the confession of a criminal but also hoe through each sin the criminal engaged while the criminal trying to conquer the world. Some people are involved in crimes due to their circumstances. The law is very strict however, few criminals and gangsters escaped from the law from giving bribery. Thus, the government should take adequate measures to avoid these kinds of lapses. A prisoner must be engaged in good fruitful activities in the jail so that he pr she may not be haunted by their previous crime and sins. Confession poems reveal the emotional play of a criminal’s mind.

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Guilt and darkness all around

The light of the firefly fades

The look of Snail sitting on the wall

The spider spreads its web and waits for prey

The roaring of the sea in the background

I glanced at my hands

The thick blood clots

Heartbeats in the vessels

The sins mentioned in the confessional are few

Today I am calm against something

I am looking for an anchor on a sailing ship

I am the eagle that catches the prey ready

There are many sins committed along the way

The widow’s purse was stolen

Betrayed a close friend

Stole the coins from father’s pocket

The grocery store figures were manipulated

I wandered again to reach the heights

I became the leader of a gang

Killed the children by poison

Opened the treasury of the church

Escape from the eyes of the police and the court

The bloodstain became a collective companion

The faithful mother  cheated me

I lost my own name

I am only number in the jail

Waiting for the death penalty in the windy prison

The old money and glory were lost

The confessional cage is haunted by unspoken secrets

The killed faces appear in the mind

The stench of dead bodies wafted through the nose

Am I a thief or murderer?

Moments to climb the death rope around the neck

The executioner covers the neck and pulls a rope

At the last breath, the mother’s face appears on memory

During my childhood, I have visited a prison as a part of my camp activities along with my camp members. There I saw so many prisoners and I had a conservation with them. Some prisoners are confessed to the crime they did. But I was surprised by seeing a middle-aged man who explained his crimes very confidently and proudly. He killed his wife and involves in some kind of smuggling works. I saw the joy in his eyes when he was telling his story. Then I realise that this man did not have any guilt about his past crimes. This incident forced me to write confession poems so that people will not do any criminal activities. I hope these confession poems are an eye opener for the criminals who live luxurious life in our society.

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