About us

I am creating everything with the aid of you. Your imaginations and livelihood are always within my poetry. I wrote about the ideas which you always imagine. I am writing about what we are seeing in our everyday life. This is our poetry. We all are the soldiers in this poetry kingdom.  That’s why am not mentioning anything about me, it’s about us between you and me!!

You and I simply boost up our creativity at its peak. We produce what we feel and dream through the power of words. Our innovations are come due to a reason for a serene future and have a profound impact on society. I write about anything with grown inside my deepest mind. If you want to address me, call me an illusionist. Yes, we are the illusionist with creative ideology. The universe is full of fantasy we are magicians on this mystic planet.  

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The illusionist

The author, Jobin John who is a young poet who writes about human life, nature, technology, social issues, and many more. A plethora of his poems reflects what he wants to convey to humankind that may be reality or illusion.